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Executive Message


Thank you for choosing Health Code International Business. It is my pleasure to welcome you to our great HCI family. As we lay our greatest advantage, we are happy and very proud of our solid foundation. We started out as a seed; step by step we developed strong stem, sturdy roots and branches; soon to be a full-grown tree. We aim to do more than just serving our distributors but to create new dimensions in the way we work within our corporate family, persisting to strive for excellence, inspiring to deliver a good service, unlimited opportunities for growth for you to go with it.

We will continue to serve and grow more. We will make more programs for improvement, make you believe that you can do the best, do better business, be stronger and stable because Health Code International is Our Home... Our Future... Thank you and HCIBiz Mabuhay!!!


Working with people who are driven by their passion to make a big difference in their health and lives is what moves us, the members of HCI management staff to strive more for excellence in delivering quality service to our valued partners, the distributors, stockists, and business leaders.

Each day we do business with people from all walks in life, most have concerns on their daily health and are looking for the solution; while a lot also make use of the business opportunity that HCI offers as their path to personal fulfillment. 

We share their pains and celebrate their success; seeing them make it through their daily cares and turn their dreams into reality had developed a sense of strong association with them. This association has put in us a deep sense of fulfillment, a fulfillment far more worthy than the tangible rewards that we get from our efforts.

We will continue to give all the support that we can to our valued partners, the distributors, stockists, and business leaders as they grow and achieve their success in this HCI business.

5th Flr. Unit A & H, Strata 100 Building No. 18
F. Ortigas Jr. Rd., Pasig City 1600, Philippines
Tel. no: (632) 635 6206 / 6354625 FAX no: (632) 637 2052
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