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Health Code International - HCI CMD - Cell Mineral Drops

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HCI CMD - Cell Mineral Drops

HCI CMD - Cell Mineral Drops
Patient of Dr. Lilybeth Ocampo

After a traumatic accident, nasal bone got fractured, face became swollen. After applying HCI CMD and adding 20 drops 2x a day to his drink, the swelling subsided.


HCI CMD - Cell Mineral Drops
Nanay Remedios of Urdaneta Pangasinan

When Nanay Remedios came to see me at the Urdaneta Clinic she was suffering from Psoriasis for 10 falling off, eyes were red, face and extremities were swollen. Thank God for CMD and Alloria skin products, she is almost flawless after only a month!




HCI CMD - Cell Mineral Drops

Migraine Body Pain etc.

I started suffering from MIGRAINE, which I thought I was high blood, but as per my doctor’s check up I was not. Later I’ve experienced BODY PAINS, LEG CRAMPS, and NUMBNESS OF MY HANDS. I’ve learned to take mefenamic acids to relieved the pains but later my situation became even worst because I was already having RHINITIS and TONSILITIS thus every now and then I need to take antibiotics. I also became prone to ALLERGIES when eating chicken, some kind of fish and even some medicines.

I’ve consulted my doctor and undergone laboratories but the results were all okay, but why was it that almost everyday I was not feeling okay? I became desperate and worried a lot. I was already suffering from INSOMNIA and became irritable.

Third week of November 2003 CMD was presented to me, I was given 10 drops to take I was amazed on what I felt in just 15 minutes! I was relieved of pains and felt instant energy! I’ve registered at once and became very thankful because all my health problems had gone in just few days!

I’ve started introducing CMD to some friends who all of them got interested with the product thus I decided to become a stockist.

HCI CMD - Cell Mineral Drops
NORA V. CUA (Iriga City)

“WORRY FREE, because of HCI CMD”

Mrs. Nora V. Cua, a member distributor of CMD in Iriga City shares her terstimonies about the goodness and miraculous power that CMD brought to her family.

It was the year 2004 when Mrs. Nora first signed-up as independent distributor of CMD. Her priority is to help her old parents, Aling Simplicia and Mang Pedro Velasco, maintain their good health and enjoy the rest of their lives, free from any kind of serious and painful illnesses. She gave them 10 drops of CMD once a day.

But on February 2010, her mother starts complaining about some body pains. Aling Simplicia started to suffer high blood pressure and get easily tired. The doctor also diagnosed her to have ailment. One day, Aling Simplicia got fever, fainted and her body chilled. Her family rushed her to a hospital and the doctor found out that she developed kidney stones and acute pneumonia. The doctor gave her medicines, dextrose and oxygen but the situation worsen instead. She became weaker as days went by. They could not help but pray and trust God for His intervention. Suddenly, Mrs. Nora recalled CMD. She went hurriedly to Nena Samillano, Iriga CMD Stockist and bought 1 bottle of 60ml CMD. After returning to the hospital at 3pm, her mother once again chilled intensively and suddenly became unconscious. Worst, her heartbeat stopped and breathed no more. The doctor and nurses did their best to save her but they failed. They surrendered hope and told the family to accept the truth. She was declared clinically dead. To that point, Mrs. Nora did not lose hope. She hugged her mother’s body. With the CMD on her hand, she applied CMD on her mother’s upper extremities, head and chest. She also dropped 5 drops of CMD into her mouth once in a while. She did not shop until the bottle was emptied. Unexpectedly at 6pm. Mrs. Nora noticed that her mother’s body started to get warm and then perspired a lot. To her surprise, Aling Simplicia regained her consciousness. Tumae sya ng maraming marami. Then she asked the nurse to give her mother cateter and to their astonishment, lumabas ang maraming  nana, halos nakalahati sa bedpan. It was really a relief for her mother. But an odd behavior was observed from Aling Simplicia. She made some hallucinations and spoke of some things they could not understand. The doctor gave her medicine to recover her mental condition. Still, they continued giving her 20 drops of CMD 3x daily. After 4 days, she was discharged from the hospital. She underwent a kind of therapy along with the administration of CMD. After 3 days, Aling Simplicia passed out 3 stones from her kidney. They believed that it was CMD that made the passing out of her kidney stone possible without undergoing surgery or an even more expensive medication anymore.

Now, Aling Simplicia is already 87 years old, still alive, strong and enjoying a healthy body through the help of CMD. This experience became well-known in their place and with good results. First, their families and other relatives had already put confidence in the efficacy of the product. The neighbors, who were once doubtful to CMD became interested and eventually became a CMD user and member of CMD Family.

The same restoration happened at Mrs. Nora’s father, Mang Pedro Velasco, now 91 years old. On March 2010, he accidentally fell from a carabao he was riding causing his right bone to crack. He was not able to walk and needed to rest for one month as advised by his doctor. But instead of feeling better, the pain became extreme and he got fever because of infection. Mrs. Nora gave him 20 drops of CMD thrice a day and applied CMD directly on the affected area. He felt good and the pain had gone. After several days, they visit the doctor for some consultations and to the doctor’s surprise, he found out that the cracked bones recovered naturally. They said it’s because of the CMD that he used to drink and applied to his leg. For almost 7 years now, he continually drink 15 drops of CMD 2x a day to maintain his good health.

He also survived from other ailments such as high blood pressure and heart ailment (rapid palpitation) just because of daily intake of HCI CMD.
According to Mrs. Nora Cua she’s worry-free when it comes to the health of her family as long as CMD is available in our country.

Note: The information shared are based on personal experiences and should not be interpreted as professional advice.

HCI CMD - Cell Mineral Drops
Dr. Dennis Flores

Having been a Physician for this prestigious Company, HCI or Health Code International for over eight years now, I have been prescribing CMD as adjunct to my medical management of various clinical cases seen in our clinics. Because of the apparent efficacy on our cases, I also take the drops myself and enjoy its benefits on my health and well being. I take 20 drops in a glass of water before meals two times a day. This recommended daily dose maintains internal mineral balance thereby keeping me active and energized all day. As adjunct to management of my hypertension, the magnesium content keeps my arteries in a constant state of vasodilatation, thereby keeping my blood pressure at normal levels. During hyper acidic episodes, I take 10 drops of CMD in a small amount of water which immediately relieves the stomach irritability due to its acid-neutralizing effect. I also depend on CMD for my daily normal bowel habit which makes for better colon function. The numerous benefits of CMD on my body keep me going and more determined to promote and advocate this product as a constant partner in maintaining good health and well-being. Thank you HCIbiz.. More power to us!


HCI CMD - Cell Mineral Drops

Breast Cancer

It was the year 2004 when a patient came to my clinic and asked me to read a kit. Little did I know this was the beginning of a transformation - of my health and my profession.

My name is Lilybeth Bartolome-Ocampo, a Family Physician currently based in Baguio City. Not only am I a Physician but also a patient surviving breast cancer for almost eleven years now. In 1997 while pregnant living in California, USA, I was diagnosed with Stage II B Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma, left breast. I underwent Modified Radical Mastectomy and 4 cycles of chemotherapy. While practicing my profession, another mass grew on my right in 2006. I had a second opinion at St. Luke’s Hospital and the result showed no abnormal DNA, and a very good prognosis. This must be the result of my taking 20 drops of CMD 3x a day everyday. It has also completely relieved me of my severe low back pains due to my scoliosis.

For 18 years in the medical profession, I’ve always believed like my colleagues do that there is a pill for every illness. I’ve always been aware that these synthetic medications have adverse reactions, drug-to-drug interactions, contraindications, and sometimes even lethal effects. If you will notice a lot of drugs are introduced in the pharmaceutical industry claiming a tremendous relief or a breakthrough in medicine; only to find out after a couple of years it is being withdrawn from drugstores because it has a devastating adverse effect; the anti-hyperlipidemic agents for instance. It has been withdrawn in the US because of liver problems and may even cause liver cancer.

Since I’ve found Health Code International, I have understood the beauty of how conventional medicine works synergistically with natural food supplements such as Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD). Knowing that almost all food we take in are no longer sufficient in nutritional value especially the minerals, this is the most convenient way of supplementing these losses.

As I have learned more about the wonders of these trace minerals in Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD) especially when patients whom I have prescribed it to came back with miraculous results. I’ve never missed a day without sharing this product. Most amazing patient was a 79 year old woman who had a heart attack and was comatose for ten days in Pozorrubio, Pangasinan. She needed a pace-maker, but since the family lost hope when there was no guarantee of survival despite the gadget, the patient was brought home against medical advice. Patient was given 10 drops CMD everyday thru naso-gastric tube. Exactly on the third day the patient woke up and gradually recovered. A 9 cm myoma that never required any surgery but only disappeared after 6 months of CMD, and the latest a young man who came in for consultation due to a stone in his kidney about 5.6 mm. Her sister who recommended it called and claimed his brother passed out the stone after 3 days of CMD. A n aplastic anemia patient who never had blood transfusion since taking CMD in February but her platelet count rose from 11,000 to 57,000 with now normal levels of hemoglobin and red blood cell count. A twelve year insulin-dependent diabetic but now with normal blood sugar levels without medicines.

The secret of CMD is very simple. It contains 72 minerals in trace amounts which are already present in our human body, working hand-in-hand in order to create a harmonious function. But due to the mineral deficiency in our diet all diseases may arise. So the role of CMD is quite simple - it completes the missing catalysts in every important chemical reaction in our body. Thus, a gradual relief from symptoms of the disease.

A miracle? Yes, a gift from God.

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