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Health Code International - HCI Marketing Support Programs

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HCI Marketing Support Programs

A. Rallies

1. Year End Distributors’ Rally
At the end of each year, Regional Stockists are encouraged to conduct get-together activities to rejoice, celebrate and thank for the achievements and success of the year.  Since year end is Yuletide season, the gathering is also the season of sharing your blessings to others.  HCI Head Office, through its Marketing Department, provides technical as well as logistic support for this event.  The company also sends executives and members of the Nutritional Advisory Board as guests if requested by the concerned Regional Stockist.


2. Business Opportunity Rally
This meeting is a larger gathering than the regular BOM.  It involves around 100 to 200 attendees. The guest speakers motivate participants through their very encouraging testimonials and the leaders inspire participants to learn better plans and strategies to enhance greater sales to render to better services. This program is coordinated with the company’s Marketing Department.


B. Seminars 

 1. Business Building Leadership Seminar
An annual leadership seminar is conducted in the different regions to update leaders of the advanced strategies of marketing and provide more motivations to boost their enthusiasm.  This enhances career commitments to achieve greater heights in the business. Development of camaraderie among top leaders and stockists is also its objective. 



2. Regional Leadership Seminar
Like the BBLS, this two days, one night seminar of top leaders is also conducted in the regions of the country.  The seminar is spearheaded by top leaders having the title of Imperial Diamond and higher as resource persons. This seminar provides current and aspiring leaders the full understanding of HCI business. It also recognizes the excellent performances and achievements of the distributors in their respective region.


3. Product Symposium and Health Seminar
This seminar is conducted by accredited Nutritional Advisory Board Members and aims to educate distributors and invited guests on the nature and health benefits of the product.  The accredited doctors extensively discuss the vital roles of minerals to health and wellness. This program is coordinated with the company’s Marketing Department.



4. Marketing Plan Potential Seminar
This seminar discusses deeply the potentials of HCI Business.  It trains leaders and Stockists of the proper ways to develop and manage big business organizations so that they will be led to the path of attaining great success.



C. Education Programs 

1. Business Opportunity Meeting
A basic seminar that gives information about the company, the product and the marketing plans.  It explains to a greater scope the advantages and opportunities of becoming an Independent Business Distributor (IBD).



2. Home Party System
This is a program that teaches the importance and advantages of home based presentations.  This program yields a higher percentage of sales and services through the referrals coming from families and friends. Sharing the business establishes immediate retailing opportunity in the locality. “Increase the Quality & Quantity of performance”.



3. Distributors’ Training Program (Indepth)
This program provides a full package of trainings and motivational seminars to the newly registered distributors.  This harnesses them in their climb to the HCI’s marketing career ladder. This program started in HCI’s maiden year and is one of the longest running training programs.



4. Speakers’ Training Program
This program is conducted in the regional area and is organized by the Official Regional Stockist.  This program provides training to the leaders aspiring to become trainers.  It touches on basic public speaking, BOM presentation and basic marketing skills.

5. Media Mileage Program
Regional and city stockists invest in the promotion of MRI products and HCI business opportunities through local print and broadcast media.  HCI sends members of the Health and Nutritional Advisory Board to provide free on-the-air consultations where listeners can phone in their concerns or visit the broadcast station as live audiences. This program aims to reach out to a wider range of audience especially those who reside in far flung areas. Interaction is often done using the local dialect.





D. Conventions
This grand event, organized by regional stockists and HCI, commemorates the strong partnership with MRI and the leaders and distributors.  Convention recognizes the performances and achievements of distributors, leaders and stockists.  It awards recognitions to top stockists, leaders, and distributors.  It also announces the future plans, strategies and additional incentives of the company to prepare the members for the goals ahead.  

1. Regional Convention
A grand event organized by regional stockists with the company’s assistance and support.  It is a gathering of the region’s top leaders and distributors.  The regional stockist takes the opportunity to communicate to her constituents in one group so the network could discuss better marketing strategies suited to the region.  The regional stockist also takes this opportunity to thank the leaders and distributors for their continuous support, loyalty and dedication to help sustain the HCI business by awarding rewards and incentives to motivate them more. 

2. National Convention
It is a once a year grand celebration consisting of HCI and MRI executives, special guests, regional stockists and selected top distributors.  It is the grandest gathering of elites.  This convention treats the achievers for their exemplary performances throughout the year.  It showcases the highlights of various activities conducted through the year.  Likewise, honorable recognitions are accorded to the top achievers among the elite group. 


E. Incentive Programs

1. Incentive Program

This incentive program recognizes achievers.  Travel to Asian cities is only granted to hardworking qualifiers. HCI reciprocally compensates the achievers to all-expenses paid tours to different Asian cities to further inspire distributors that their dedicated efforts in doing the HCI business have other merits.  Qualifiers are given 4 days and 3 night travel tour to designated Asian cities where they will surely experience the warm HCI hospitality outside the confines of its office.  Conquer Asia through HCI business opportunity! 

F. Other Programs

Sales and Service Program
Stockists do not merely work for financial gains but they also enjoy fulfilling their sense of social responsibility.  They are given liberty to conduct services such as feeding the indigents; providing basic needs to victims of calamities or other acts of God; educating children of the importance of nutrition and health; rendering free medical consultations with free sampling of CMD drops; and many more.

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