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UCPB eMoney Cash Card

To:       All Distributors and Stockists
From:   Accounting Department
Cc:       Executive, Marketing, Admin, EDP
Re:       UCPB eMoney Cash Card and Voucher System
Date:    September 10, 2013

 In our desire to improve the payout system, all distributors with PIN title Distributors to Imperial Diamond who have no account with UCPB are required to open a UCPB eMoney Cash Card.  This cash card is suitable to distribute rebates on a timely basis directly to distributor’s account whose NET PAY is GREATER THAN Five Hundred Pesos (Php500.00) otherwise voucher will apply .  UCPB eMoney Cash Card is an account with no initial deposit, no maintaining balance requirements, no dormancy and inactivity penalties and can be used as a debit card.  Although it does not earn interest and has no statement of account, it is safe to use as your savings account. 


Ways to open Through HCI/Stockist Direct to any UCPB Branch
  1. Properly filled-up UCPB eMoney Card Availment Maintenance Form
  3. Valid HCI ID
  4. Card Fee of Php150.00
  1. Properly filled-up UCPB eMoney Card Availment Maintenance Form
  3. 2 Valid IDs
  4. Card fee of Php100.00
Type of Cash Card Customized Generic
Processing Period Same Day; but release will be done batch together with the stockist's order

With Account Name 3 to 5 Days

Without Account Name-same day


Note:  For those who will choose to open directly at UCPB and do not have 2 valid IDs, please advise HCI before your planned date of opening to coordinate with the respective branch for your exemption to the 2 valid ID requirements.

Procedure for opening through HCI:

  1.  Go to your area stockist/HCI Office and ask for UCPB eMoney Card Availment Maintenance Form.
  3. Fill-up the required information.
  5. Submit the form together with the photocopy of your valid HCI ID with 3 live signatures on the side.
  7. Pay One hundred Fifty (Php150.00) for customized card-through HCI or One hundred(Php100.00) for generic-direct to UCPB
  9. Wait for the release/arrival of card and PIN Mailer.


Go to your nearest UCPB Branch and provide the requirements.

After opening, submit to HCI Customer Care Officer your account details for proper encoding to the system.  For verification, submit a photocopy of your cash card with your signature.  Cut off period for submission is every 5th of the month.

UCPB eMoney Cash Card is MegaLink connected.  All withdrawals to be made at any bank’s ATM other than UCPB will have a corresponding minimal charge like Ten Pesos (Php10.00) depending on the servicing   bank.  Withdrawals at UCPB ATM are free of charge.  Other fees and charges related to cash card are as follows:

1. Replacement of Lost, Stolen, Damaged or Defective Card - One hundred Pesos (Php100.00)
2. Loading Fee- Ten Pesos (Php10.00) per credit
3. Over the counter withdrawal (same branch)- Fifteen Pesos (Php15.00)
4. Over the counter withdrawal (other branch)- Fifty Pesos (Php50.00)
5. Over the counter cash deposit- Ten Pesos (Php10.00)
(Only cash deposit is allowed)

On the other hand, all stockists and Empire Diamond are required to open regular accounts (Savings or Current) at the same bank.  This is due to the limitations of the cash card that only One Hundred Thousand (Php100, 000.00) is allowed to load monthly and a maximum withdrawal of Twenty Thousand (Php20, 000.00) per day. Please inquire at any UCPB branch near you. 

Customized E-Money Cash Cards will be available on October 1, 2013. Implementation starts October Rebates-November 2013 Payout. Those who will not be able to open before the implementation date, rebates will be received through a Rebate Voucher even if the amount exceeds Five Hundred Pesos.  This is in line with our rebates distribution standardization and all is required to comply before December Rebates-January 2014 Payout.  

Rebate Voucher is a specially designed voucher for the purpose of sending rebate to distributors whose NET PAY is Five Hundred Pesos (Php500.00) and below AND to distributors who do not have UCPB account.  These are sent to respective area stockists which:


1. Can be used to purchase any HCI products from any Stockist and in turn can be used by the stockist to pay orders.
2. Is valid for three (3) months from its date.
3. Should be endorsed by the payee-distributor at the back before its use.
4. The stockist must ensure validity of the voucher before its acceptance by checking online.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Care Officer.

Thank you.


Truly yours,

Franz Ciruela
Chief Accountant



1. Who are required to open UCPB Account (E-Money Cash Card/Savings/Current)?
ALL distributors are required to open account with UCPB, type of account depends on their PIN/EarningsStockists and Empire Diamonds are required to open regular accounts.

2. How to open UCPB Account?
For E-Money Cash Card, either through HCI or any UCPB Branch; Savings and Current Accounts is opened ONLY at UCPB.

3. Is UCPB and UCPB Savings the same?
No. You can only open at United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB).

4. If I usually receive my rebates through my account and on the succeeding month my rebates went down to Php500.00, where do I claim my rebates?
Rebates Five Hundred Pesos and below (Php500.00) will be received through voucher and can be claimed to the area stockist while rebates above the said amount will automatically be credited to UCPB Accounts.

5. What if I will not be able to open E-money cash card/Savings/Current Account?
Those who do not have UCPB Account, whether Net Pay is higher or lower than Five Hundred Pesos, rebates will be received by means of a rebate voucher to be claimed from your area stockist.



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