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Health Code International - MS. MELINDA WEE

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Migraine Body Pain etc.

Migraine Body Pain etc.

I started suffering from MIGRAINE, which I thought I was high blood, but as per my doctor’s check up I was not. Later I’ve experienced BODY PAINS, LEG CRAMPS, and NUMBNESS OF MY HANDS. I’ve learned to take mefenamic acids to relieved the pains but later my situation became even worst because I was already having RHINITIS and TONSILITIS thus every now and then I need to take antibiotics. I also became prone to ALLERGIES when eating chicken, some kind of fish and even some medicines.

I’ve consulted my doctor and undergone laboratories but the results were all okay, but why was it that almost everyday I was not feeling okay? I became desperate and worried a lot. I was already suffering from INSOMNIA and became irritable.

Third week of November 2003 CMD was presented to me, I was given 10 drops to take I was amazed on what I felt in just 15 minutes! I was relieved of pains and felt instant energy! I’ve registered at once and became very thankful because all my health problems had gone in just few days!

I’ve started introducing CMD to some friends who all of them got interested with the product thus I decided to become a stockist.

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